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     Jake Ricketts

Jake Ricketts is a man who has believed in Jesus for as long as he can remember, but did not know Him or His power and authority until 2015. Formerly consumed by lust and pride, Jake had an encounter with Jesus on February 20, 2015 that forever changed his life and heart for Christ, and freed him from the sin that enslaved him. Jake’s heart is to see the world saved for Jesus, and the body of Christ being equipped for the working of ministry (Eph. 4:13). His heart is for the fire of God to sweep this world in such a way that no schemes of the enemy will shake a man or woman’s faith in Christ. He wants to see the body of Christ pursue and live in their full calling that God has put on their life. Jake Ricketts grew up as a zero in his school system, but found that when He had the 1…Jesus, together they were already 10. His passion is Jesus, and His mission is people.

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