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Tent Revivals are the very heart-cry of Fire Falling Ministries. They are the reason this ministry began, and what the main focus of our outreach is. Evangelism, we believe, is the sole most important calling every believer has within the body of Christ. We yearn to take the Gospel from San Diego to Houlton! For Every revival we do not look to grow a ministry, but the body of Christ. Every new believer will be followed up with by one of our participating churches to be discipled, because we long to see disciples and not just converts. These are powerful days, where the sick are healed, demons are expelled, the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, and the lost find life in the only one who gives it. Jesus Christ. Join us for these powerful events, or volunteer to help us in them to see the lost saved and the spiritually dead raised into newness of life.

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